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All material is deposited under written contract which governs who may have access, and for what purposes. Within those guidelines, visitors are welcome to the Archive’s listening and viewing rooms.


Within the terms of the relevant contract, copies of material are available on request although, for practical reasons, size limits are applicable.


Dissemination of materials receives high priority among Archive services. A free tape dubbing service is offered for individuals and groups wishing to learn traditional Māori waiata, and more than 2400 items are copied and sent out each year for this purpose.


The Archive premises are suitable for storing many types of audiovisual material, having controlled temperature and humidity and their own security system.


Archive staff are experienced in the restoration of old or damaged audiovisual recordings.


The Archive houses collections from several organisations in the Pacific region (e.g., A3Z Tonga, 2AP Samoa, Televise Samoa) in order to preserve significant obsolete recordings.

Within the Anthropology Department is a print archive containing more than 24,000 photographs. Within the university itself, the Audio Visual Department maintains tape dubbing and equipment loan services, and the audiovisual collection in the General Library has titles relevant to academic courses. Adjacent to the Anthropology Department building, the School of Music library houses a comprehensive collection of books on ethnomusicology and an extensive CD collection of ethnic music. Only slightly further afield, the Auckland Institute and Museum and the Auckland Public Library have excellent collections of published and unpublished materials relating to the Pacific. Taken together, all these resources provide both the casual visitor and the dedicated scholar with a bounty of materials for study.

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