Te Tumu Herenga | Libraries and Learning Services is the primary provider of scholarly and cultural information resources to the University of Auckland community. We are responsible for the physical collections in the General Library, Davis Law Library, Philson Library, Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library and the On-Demand Collection, as well as delivering electronic and audiovisual resources to our clients regardless of location and time. Our cultural collections are housed primarily in the General Library including the Archive of Māori and Pacific Sound.

View our collection attributes and principles

Key collection attributes and the guiding principles we apply in managing and developing the library’s scholarly and cultural collections.

Collection managementCollection management

How the Library manages its collections.

Special collectionsSpecial collections

Our collections of rare and unique materials, including the General Library's Special Collections.

Digitised collectionsDigitised collections

The Library's digitisation programme makes local collections of resources available to researchers online.


A showcase of the Library’s exhibitions.

University of Auckland ArchivesUniversity of Auckland Archives

The University of Auckland Archives document the history of the University since its foundation in 1883.

Decommissioned databasesDecommissioned databases

Databases created by Libraries and Learning Services which are now decommissioned.

Gifts and donations

The Library is pleased to receive monetary donations and gifts of material that fall within the collection priorities. Potential gifts should be discussed with the relevant library manager and any conditions that a donor or the Library wishes to apply should be clarified before receipt of the material. The donation of archives, manuscripts or special collections in any format should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian for initial appraisal, and the acceptance of significant donations requires the approval of the University Librarian.