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Catalogues of the Archive

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Tagata Tangata

Screened by Television New Zealand in 1994:   

The unused footage was deposited in the Archive by John Maynard, executive producer, and Mona Papali’i, series narrator.  Funding from the Minister of Pacific Island Affairs, the Hon. Mark Gosche, enabled these materials to be reconstituted into the original 57 films. 

Aotearoa | Tahiti | Easter Island | Cook Islands | Hawaii | Tuvalu | Fiji | Tonga | Nuie | Samoa | Stills 


  • 1  VN0026  Titles,  Theme,  Natural World Of The Māori, Hokule’a,  voyage to New Zealand, New Zealand views, Hawaiki Nui 1980’s, (voyage to New Zealand, home movie), includes various music cues from the original series
  • 2  VN0026  Birth, Mona and Peter,  placenta, burial of placenta, Marae, Hangi eating, Sam talks about speaking on the Marae, Uncle Fred talks about the old days, Pete visits relatives, cemetery, grandfather’s grave, spirits leave from Cape Reinga, (including chants tora, haka, karakia)
  • 3  VN0026 Marae, high profile speakers, nuclear ships, Treaty,  Parliament, Hikoi of Hope, Whina Cooper, Bastion Point, Treaty original document, gathering fish, Waitangi location, including various music cues from the original series, Donna Awatere, Mihipeka reads to child, Mihipeka talks about being Māori
  • 4  VN0026 Rangi Walker, carvings, meeting house (genitalia), Hone Kaa, Te Karere TVNZ Newsroom, Kohanga Reo, children at play
  • 5  VN0027 Pita Sharples, Kura Kaupapa, school (wild sound), Aoga Pacifica, children singing, teacher Losalina, Betty Hanapo discusses placenta containers, Samoan class of older students
  • 6  VN0027 Paki Harrison, master carver
  • 7  VN0028 Paki Harrison (cont), Paki Harrison carving with “Ed” (student), Paki, chant on beach with child, ext. marae carving, Paki interview continues, Ed polishing carving (includes interview)
  • 8  VN0028 Scenics (spirits music) (birds, pigeon and tui), Robert Mahuta, Robert Mahuta in office and grand plan, tourists, marae and geysers, carving arts and crafts centre
  • 9   VN0028 Kura Whaaka, jade shop, Derek Fox in studio, cont. wild
  • 10  VN0028 Eva Rickard (Māori and English)
  • 11  VN0028 Eva Rickard continues
  • 12  VN0029 Eva Rickard in Raglan, Eva Rickard at Kupe sculpture and at cemetery, (ends on paintings of relatives)


  • 13 VN0029 Oscar Temark Mayor on sovereignty, Oscar Temark in the office, Wilfred (French) ex-gendarme, Wilfred in garden (English translation), Taputapuatea, Pierre at various sites, altar and sacrifices, stones, spirits, navigation etc
  • 14 VN0029 Demonstrators’ camp, cooking breadfruit, signs, fish cleaning, protestors Robert and Tauta, children in camp, various, Wilfred talks to children and tells them a story, War Memorial 1844 Papeete, harbour scenes, incl. naval presence, canoe builder, (Mute), sailing canoe and house, various
  • 15 VN0030 Francis Cowan, navigator, (starts wild then in sync), sunsets, Moorea, Mdme Evette (Tahitian), (continued wild), song, fishing boat, various, by mountain, fisherman talks about Japanese hotel, fisherman at helm by himself
  • 16 VN0030 Group song, Punatai looks out over mountains, Punitai, talks about land and sea (contd wild), various vute shots, mountains, statues, goods, Pomare Tomb, trees, flowers, slums, Mayors building, ends, Venus Point, church ext, int. singing, parishioners leave church, Minister, continues wild

Easter Island

  • 17 VN0030 Rapanui classroom, various, woodworking (carving), school song, girls circle song, jawbone player, Peter Edmunds (on tourism), Edmundo (slave trade, smallpox), some wild, Edmundo and Marcello (interviewer) walk around rocks, cave, Pillipe (sailed to Tahiti)
  • 18 VN0031 Tourists, Peter Edmunds, gods, generations etc, cont wild under quarry Moai, mute, Rapanui statues and Ahu A Kivi, Peter wanders about and Rano Raraku, contd without picture, students and teacher discuss stones and statues
  • 19 VN0031 Juan Teare, (Orongo Birdman with Rodreigo, contd wild under scenics rocks and coastline petroglyphs, stone buildings, ends on stone buildings and wild sound
  • 20 VN0031 Rapanui, Military base, teachers college, teachers and students discuss future and Māori language course, Vicki Haoa (one of the students) discusses statues with Christian and walks around site

Cook Islands

  • 21 VN0032 Rarotonga, Kauraka Kauraka (anthropologist), fisherman, baiting fishhook, song to Tangaroa Canoe, sunset drum, song to Tangaroa, drum dance, drum man Jon Jonassen, continues wild
  • 22 VN0032 Rarotonga  sawmill, pea plantation, arrowroot plant and extraction, coconut tree, coconut milling, coconut thatched roofs, Minister of Agriculture (importance of coconut), chant at tree and English translation, canoe (Maire Nui), market (Ma’uke) weaving, produce, carving, incl. phallic bailer for canoe, women painting cloth, Minister of Agriculture (Agriculture etc)
  • 23 VN0032Te Maika Karati (Onwhenua burial), babies in hospital, church,  food on altar, Rev Tekere Pereeti (harvest festival), Papa Mana (TV executive on language and TV), wild in the middle of interview TV reporter and crew working.


  • 24 VN0033 Wooden statue, Ocean Tangaroa, protest Halawa Valley, cement trucks, police, Swat team, cement works, beach, various, holiday makers (mute), Richard Kekuni Blaisdell, (Hawaiian Rights) watering garden
  • 25 VN0033 Taro fields, Marion Kelly (land rights), fish ponds, city in distance, Diamond Head Ulupo Heiau historic site, housing : city, rich, poor, wizard stones, beach, paintings “Death Of Cook” tapa dress and cloth painting “Kilauea”, necklace “Fiji tabua” etching “Long Ears”, John Kelly, on fishponds, Dillingham Corp. map and charts
  • 26 VN0033 Opelu project fish farm, Haydn Burges, Haydn Burges on culture, children etc., boy living in tree William “street kid”, more of Haydn with boy
  • 27 VN0034 Kaila, taro farm, Eric Enos culture of taro, Eric and two boys tending taro, taro story
  • 28 VN0034 Forest ferns, chant to Pele while picking ferns, weaving leis, hula dancers and hand drummer, volcanic area, berries, rocks, cliffs (mute)
  • 29 VN0034 Pualani Kanakaole, (talks about chants, gods etc), cont. wild over following mute shots: Kilauea Crater, bush, flowers, ferns, Honolulu City, motorway, Hickham Air Force Base, Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbour,  Hawaiian language preschool, ext, int. children and parents, teacher interview
  • 30 VN0034 Palikapu Dedman (Hawaiian activist) interview, argument with ranger interview, volcanic crater interview, continues wild
  • 31 VN0035 John Kamakawi Woole (Osorio), on land, history, monarchy etc, ends on Iolani Palace, (many photographs on stills roll)


  • 32 VN0035 (Nukulaelae) canoes greet crew, (singing), fishing for wahoo, leaving, baiting, calling, catch, return through reef, women sing song for fishermen, ends with wild fishermen’s speech
  • 33 VN0035 Women singing, wild, (call from tautai), sunset, children swimming, moon, interview Mausaki Kaitu, a Tautai, (about fishing), I totonu Nukulasi, cont. wild after village shots
  • 34 VN0036 (Nukulaelae) School children, song, schoolteacher, lagoon fishing, distribution of catch, chief, children eating
  • 35 VN0036 Ext church, church service, minister, sermon and interview, (Rev Teatu Fusi)
  • 36 VN0036 (Nukulaelae) Making lei, dance, description of girls dance, description of men’s dance, more women and men dancing with cutaways, cleaning sacred site, stones and ferns, interview deacon Tinei Simeona, interview Sualaki Neemia, fisherman in canoe, village in background, church song under


  • 37 VN0036 Ratu Peni (tabua) Nakahalagi, (from Kaba Bau Taileuu), interview cont. wild over photos, museum, canoe, scrimshaw, whale tooth, and drawings, Ext thatched house, yaqona ceremony, tabua  (ends ext house)
  • 38 VN0037 Dance


  • 39 VN0037 School, yams (planting etc), Siaosi Puloka (farmer), ‘Ofa Fakalata (Minister of Agriculture), speaks on land use, umu, opening, digging etc, kitchen, yams, family meal
  • 40 VN0037 Tupou Posese (origins, history etc), two carvers, Takapu, master carver
  • 41 VN0037 Two carvers interview, interview Futa Helu, Director of Atenisi Institute, continues wild, more sync, ends wild, school buildings, Futa teaching students
  • 42 VN0038 Tu’iniua Tuita (Tongan writer), reads manuscript, Akelisi Pohiva, Opposition Leader, Bishop Finau
  • 43 VN0038 Dr Amanaki Havea, (Church vs Government), school playground, Parliament, ext, Parliament, int, Prime Minister of Tonga, traffic: market, people etc, poor housing, poverty, graves
  • 44 VN0038 VN0038 Dance, close up, wide shot, musicians and dancers, shark fishermen (callers and shakers), interview Tomasi, shark caller, interview 2nd shark caller, ends wild over rattles and whales passing, at Eueiki Island
  • 45 VN0038 Sparkling sea, songs from shark caller, Ha’amonga, A Maui, King’s palace, church service, hymn, children, octopus fishing, prepare rat lure, interview fisherman, fishing, whales, sunset


  • 46 VN0039 Fishing, launching canoes etc, (sound runs out), Lotoaiofa Litaio on shark caves, caves and grotto, Talava, where King swam (mute), Sisepi Pao, fisherman
  • 47 VN0039 Dance (Captain Cook dance), market, Isaia Talagi, farmer talks about forest, tapu Forest (cute), chop tree and more interviews, clearing, erosion, bush
  • 48 VN0039 Ear piercing ceremony, including food distribution, interview parents


  • 49 VN0039 Mona, Piece to camera, (Spanish’ flu), Parliament Building, flag, Dr Fana’afi, (universal suffrage), Dr’s office, family photos, Falapale, yam lady, dig yams mounds, bush (mute), Tupua Tamasese Lealofi III memorial
  • 50 VN0040 VN0040 Market and buses, school class, blindfolded student, ext. school, Pemani Sapapali’i, wide shot in lounge with translator, Mona, Narrator
  • 51 VN0040 Model village, pieces to camera: Mona, colonialism, Kumulipo, library, 2 girls walking along beach, highlights ‘ava ceremony, kava, fine mats, Samoan Independence Day (Newsreel pt only)
  • 52 VN0040 Tattoo, church ext, eggs on head, rubbing tumeric on skin, leis around neck, father and daughter give mats, Petelo (tattooist) interview follows sync and wild, examples of tattoos
  • 53 VN0040 Tattoo song, White Sunday, children get ready, arrival at church service, palolo song, palolo fishing (general chaos and sound runs out)
  • 54 VN0041 Making baskets for palolo, women chatting, piece to camera, Mona baby and palolo, scenics, coastline, animals, housing, fine mats, ladies doing washing on rocks, sunset and fire dance, village tracking shot, ladies making leis and picking, flowers, matai meeting, Sapapalii village, Mona PTC and family members, slave trade and children, missionaries, church, two worlds, volley ball game in village
  • 55 VN0041 Creation chant, ‘ava prayer and song, siva


  • 56 VN0041 Black and white, Island life, mainly Hawaii including colour paintings, Royal Family etc
  • 57 VN0041 Black and White. Early NZ, protest, Samoan family (colour), more Hawaiian Royal Family, islanders arrive in NZ islanders working in factories

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