Māori Studies

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Māori specific collections

Research centres


  • The TV and Radio database has over 100,000 hours of archived television and radio from 1965 to the present. This collection includes a wealth of news and current affairs programming including Māori television content.

Library Catalogue

Books in the University of Auckland Library can be found using the Catalogue.

You can locate information by typing phrases, keywords or subject headings into the Search Box, e.g.,

  • Maori New Zealand people - Social life and customs
  • Maori New Zealand people - Rites and ceremonies
  • Maori tattooing
  • Maori music

To find iwi or region related information type in the iwi or region name also, e.g., Ngati Whatua, Tainui, Ngati Toa (you do not need to include macrons).

Getting started

For new researchers in this area you are encouraged to read Charles Te Ahukaramu Royal's book Te Haurapa: An introduction to researching tribal histories and traditions and the introduction to Ross Himona's website Māori Whakapapa.

For researchers in Auckland

Books, articles and kōrero

  • Bromell, Anne. Tracing family history in New Zealand. 1996.
  • Joyce, Brenda and Mathers, Bruce. Whakapapa: An introduction to Māori family history research. 2006.
  • Joyce, Brenda, Mathers, Bruce and Ormsby, Owen. Whakapapa: An introduction to researching Māori and Pākehā-Māori families, their history, heritage and culture. 2008.
  • McRae, Jane. "Researching Māori Genealogy". NZ Genealogist 23(218) 384-87. Nov-Dec 1992.
  • Reedy, Arnold. "Value of whakapapa - question answered by Arnold reedy, Sonny Baker and Pine Taiapa, at Ruataupare School, Tokomaru Bay, 18/5/67.
  • Royal, Charles. Te Haurapa: An introduction to researching tribal histories and traditions. 1992.

Databases and websites

Iwi and marae maps

  • Te Kāhui Māngai
    Directory of Māori and iwi organisations. Includes interactive iwi and hapū maps.
  • TAKOA Maps & Resources
    Māori directory, includes maps of iwi, hapū and sites throughout New Zealand.
  • Māori Maps
    Maps, photographs and information for every tribal Marae.

Whakapapa resources by region

Other resources

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Getting started

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Waitangi Tribunal

Set up by the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975, the Waitangi Tribunal is a permanent commission of inquiry that makes recommendations on claims brought by Māori relating to Crown actions which breach the promises made in the Treaty of Waitangi.

Te Arawhiti The Office for Māori Crown Relations


Material culture

Mahi whakairo

  • Alphabetical list of Māori woodcarvers and their works

    This list, compiled by the late Dr Roger Neich, was the first attempt to synthesize all scattered information about individual Māori woodcarvers. It is not an exhaustive list and may contain errors. With so much confusion in the literature over first names, surnames and patronyms, it was decided to give the names of each carver in the order that they usually appear but then to list them alphabetically by the last (surname) name, with some cross-referencing by other commonly used names.
    • Entry framework: Name (with published variations) Birth-death dates and/or floruit dates Hapū, Iwi, Works with their dates and References.

Performing arts and Kapa Haka

Call numbers for books in the Mātauranga Māori collection (Level G, General Library)

  • Myths and legends 398.2
  • Māori language 499
  • Music 780.995
  • Performing arts 790
  • Games and haka 792 - 794
  • Poetry and oral literature 899
  • Iwi and hapū 995

Tirohanga Māori

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Te Reo Māori


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