My Library Account

Use My Library Account to manage your library transactions.

What is My Library Account

Use My Library Account to

  • Check your loans (including Interlibrary Loan items) and dates due.
  • Check for any items requested from you.
  • Renew items (except for Interlibrary Loan items).
  • View requests placed and awaiting pick-up.
  • View and pay any fines and fees, or view blocks on your account.
  • Check your email and postal address (Students: this will show your Student email address, not any redirected address).

You can access My Library Account via

  • The Library website.
  • Self-issue machines (where available).

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Updating your library contact information

Keep your contact information up to date to ensure you receive Library notices and avoid fines.


  • The Library emails your notices to your Student email address (username
  • To redirect your EC email to your preferred email address, follow the instructions on the Student email website. Library staff are not able to change the Student email address for you.
  • Note that My Library Account always displays your Student email address, even when you have set up a redirect.
  • Keep all your contact information up to date on Student Services Online.
  • You may ask to have notices posted instead of being emailed. To request this, contact Client Services.


  • The Library emails your notices to your campus email address.
  • Staff may ask to receive notices at another email address, or to have notices posted. To request changes, contact Client Services.
  • Keep all your personal information up to date via the University staff intranet.

Associate Members

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Contact Client Services

For queries regarding My Library Account or updating your library contact information, visit the helpdesk at one of our Libraries or Ask us online.

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