Overdues, lost or damaged items

Overdue items

Items become overdue when they are not returned by the due date or within 5 days of being recalled. If you have an overdue item you will not be able to borrow any other items or place requests until your overdue item is returned.

After a period of time, overdue items are marked as lost. You may be charged a fee for their replacement.

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Lost or damaged items

Report any items which you have lost or which have been damaged as soon as possible, to avoid suspension of your borrowing privileges. You may be charged a replacement fee for the item.

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Paying library charges

Payments may be made by the following methods:

Online via My Library Account:

  • Credit card / debit card (1.9% convenience fee applies)
  • Account to account

If you are not a current student or staff, please Ask us for details.

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How to avoid blocks

Never lend items you have borrowed to anyone else. If they lose them or return them late, you are responsible.

Know when your loans are due back

  • Return borrowed items to the library by the due date.
  • Check the new due date when the Library sends you a Due Date Change notice (see Requests for items on loan).
  • Use My Library Account to check when your items are due back.
  • Libraries are open throughout the year. Remember that books may fall due on a weekend or during semester breaks.

Check for notices

  • Check your email regularly for notices. If you have any queries about blocks or notices, Ask us.
  • If you are away from campus for an extended period, e.g. holidays, going on practicum, field trips, or clinical placements, check your emails regularly for notices and make arrangements to get items back on time.

Take care returning items

  • When returning items with multiple parts, e.g. music scores, ensure all parts are returned. If not, you will be charged the replacement cost of the entire item.

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Contact the Library

  • The Library is not obliged to notify you when items are overdue (though we usually do). Your borrowing privileges may be suspended if you have overdues, even if no notice has been received.
  • If you receive an overdue notice for an item you have returned, let us know. Library staff will search for the book and if it is not found, they will contact you regarding the next step. If you find the item yourself, notify the Library.

For queries regarding library notices and blocks, visit the helpdesk at one of our libraries or Ask us online.

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