Leadership Through Learning

Leadership Through Learning is a programme to build academic literacy and empower leadership capacity amongst Māori and Pacific learners.

Ngaro atu he tētēkura, ara mai he tētēkura
When one leader retires, another is ready

Leadership Through Learning is offered over 12 weeks through one-hour, weekly workshops. It is offered in Semesters One and Two and is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

After you have completed the programme you can apply for recognition through the Leadership path of the Co-curricular Recognition Programme.

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The four cornerstones

Leadership Through Learning provides culturally safe learning spaces for student leaders to grow alongside their peers. It is an environment that normalises leadership and learning success.

The programme has four cornerstones:

  • Māori and Pacific programme facilitators
  • Inspiring and useful curriculum content
  • Māori and Pacific teaching and learning pedagogies
  • Engagement, discussion and story telling

The combination of the programme’s four cornerstones is what leads to empowerment, leadership and transformation.

Feedback from students

“Leadership Through Learning has taught me that I do have a voice in the academic sphere and in the wider community. A number of opportunities at the university and outside have opened up because I have taken what I learned from Leadership Through Learning and applied it to my everyday life.”

“Leadership Through Learning builds in you a desire to challenge yourself, to get out of your comfort zone. It also provides you with the skills to do that. It’s a great weekly reminder of how you’re in control of your life and it just helps you to succeed in every aspect of your life. I would recommend it to everyone.”

“One key lesson that I have learnt is to think: How can we get there together? I know that this will make a difference in the world when we start to lift those around us and carry it on like a domino effect. It only starts with one person or maybe a few of us :) We can help each other achieve our dreams and goals.”

Get involved

Each semester there are 36 spaces available for Māori and Pacific undergraduate students, and three spaces held for postgraduate students. Students from any faculty can apply. If you are interested in this opportunity to lead, empower and transform, contact us.

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For enquiries email ltl@auckland.ac.nz