Leadership Through Learning

Join our free leadership development programme for Māori and Pacific students.

Ehara taku toa i te toa taki tahi; engari he toa taki tini
My strength and success are not mine alone; they are the success of the collective.

Leadership Through Learning is a free leadership programme that provides culturally safe learning spaces for Māori and Pacific students to grow alongside their peers and affirm why their presence at University. We help you build a desire to challenge yourself and provide you practical skills to move out of your comfort zone. We co-create an environment that normalises success and teaches you that you are already equipped to succeed.

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Programme details:

  • Delivered by Māori and Pacific student leaders
  • Twelve-week programme offered through one-hour, weekly workshops
  • Open to Māori and Pacific undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • Students from any faculty can apply
  • Recognised as a leadership path in the Co-curricular Recognition Programme

Our alumni says:

“I realized that when you know exactly what you want, you're more motivated. The vision board empowered me to remember that I can, as well as everyone else, make a meaningful contribution to the lives of those around me."

“Leadership Through Learning taught me that I do have a voice in the academic sphere and in the wider community. A number of opportunities at the university and outside opened up when I applied what I learned at Leadership Through Learning to my everyday life.”

“I have learnt that it is better to think, how can we get there together? I know now that we can make a difference in the world when we start to lift those around us and carry it on like a domino effect.”

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For enquiries email ltl@auckland.ac.nz