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January, 2018

Im seeing all these posts about a spiral binding machine, but there doesnt seem to be any information about where it is or how to access it. Im aware there used to be one in Short Loan - does the Library still provide the self-service binding machine? If so, the information about where it is should be placed on the website. If not, you should get one!
    Spiral binding machine
    Thanks for the feedback.

A manual self-service machine is available on Level 1, General Library. You have to bring in your own stationery supplies e.g. plastic cover page and spiral binding. For assistance you can contact the staff at the Enquiry Desk on Level G.

Elizabeth H. McKenzie
Lending, Interloan & Enquiry Services Manager
Thursday, 11 January 2018
I think that we should definitely have a library that is open 24/7. Otago has one?
    Ellie White
    No plans for 24/7 opening hours
    Kia ora Ellie,

The Kate Edger Information Commons is open for the maximum hours allowed within the bounds of University policy, the rationale for which is student well-being. There are no plans for a change of policy at this time.

Kind regards,
Melanie Brebner
IC Group Manager
Wednesday, 10 January 2018


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