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December, 2014

Hi, I have set librarys website as my homepage in my browser. I think it has a very user-friendly interface, easy to navigate too. I suggest the carousel banners get updated more frequently. Also, about the emails that library usually send to students, I suggest, for those emails that contains warning about overdue or recalling a book, to get a colored title like red or yellow, so that its easier to spot and notice. I myself didnt see one of the recall emails among many other emails in my inbox so I ended up paying a fine.
    Mostafa Hadidi
    Library website and library email notices

Thanks for your suggestion about the carousel changing more frequently. We schedule four updates to this promotional content over the year to support students at key times in the University calendar. Suggestions are welcome and can be emailed to

I have investigated changing the font colour of the subject line for some library notices but unfortunately this is not doable. I suggest using message rules in your email to manage library notices.
Elizabeth H. McKenzie
Lending, Interloan & Enquiry Services Manager
Thursday, 11 December 2014


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