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November, 2009

Hey there I would appreciate it if the campus security in the library could be informed that drinking vitamin water is well within the guidelines posted at the entrance to the library, as it is Water contained in a spill proof bottle. These uneducated folk seem to think it is a good idea to take my water off me everytime I try to study and put it in the bin. Thank You John Watson
    Drinking in the Library
    The library is happy for patrons to drink plain water in a spill proof bottle. Vitamin drinks are water-based with other ingredients added e.g. sugar, as are all other commercial drinks.
Elizabeth H. McKenzie
Lending, Interloan & Enquiry Services Manager
Thursday, 12 November 2009
Please arrange library maintenance to be done outside the exam period. Obviously it is foreseeable that during late Oct/Nov students will be using the library more than usual to study for exams. It makes no sense to schedule a noisy upgrade to the librarys air conditioning system during this peiod. Surely the need to upgrade the air conditioning is not so pressing that it could not wait a couple of weeks?
    Troy Moselen
    Air conditioning upgrade
    Dear Troy

Many apologies for any disruption to your study preparation during exams.
Unfortunately the timing of this maintenance has not been conducive to the quiet required for studying but has had to be scheduled at this time due to contractor's timing and organisation of the upgrade outside of the library's control.
If you are finding that this is particularly noisy can you please inform library staff and they will attempt to inform the contractors or suggest another location for you to sit at.
The library has been informed that the upgrade should be completed by the end of this week.

Stephanie Carr
Library Manager Law
Wednesday, 4 November 2009


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