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December, 2004

25 books is not enough books for when you are doing 4 papers per semester. When can it be changed to be more than 25 books? Also there needs to be a change that graduates do not have revert back to undergraduate library statis when they are doing undergraduate papers after they have graduated.
    carol jones
    Book limit and student status
    The book limit of 25 books to undergraduate students was established in response to feedback received from students during a review of lending policies a couple of years ago. A survey was also carried out of loan policies in other tertiary libraries in New Zealand and overseas - the imposition of a book limit is common practice. The response to the book limit has been very positive - a noticeable benefit is that it has improved the browsability of the library's collections resulting in a reduction in the number of recalls being placed.

With regard to the second part of your suggestion, all students enrolled in an undergraduate course are treated equally with regard to library services - the fact you have a graduate degree is irrelevant.
Elizabeth H. McKenzie
Lending, Interloan & Enquiry Services Manager
Thursday, 16 December 2004
I am really fed up with my books being recalled when there are other copies available in the library. Is there any way the system can be fixed so that when there are other copies available to take out people cannot recall the ONE copy that is taken out (by me!!)? Why do I have to suffer because of other people's laziness??
    I can only assume that a person would recall a book off you if they have been unable to locate the other copy on the shelves. I suggest the next time this happens that you contact Lending Services at and we will investigate.
Elizabeth H. McKenzie
Lending, Interloan & Enquiry Services Manager
Monday, 6 December 2004


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