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December, 2003

a student complained that they could not access the suggestion box without logging in with their net ID - they wanted to remain anon about their suggestion. for some reason.
    Anonymous Suggestions
    Dear Lending & Unknown Student

Anyone can post anonymous suggestions to the Library suggestion box. Patrons are not authenticated in any way.

Although you may use your NetID and Password to log on to a computer in the library, Information Commons, or computer labs, your NetAccount information is not recorded when you submit a suggestion, and you are not identified.

The only information the Suggestion Box stores about patrons that make suggestions is information that the patrons have supplied themselves.

If you feel uncomfortable making suggestions from a computer which requires you to log on using your NetID, you can use any computer, anywhere, that has an internet connection.

Ian Jones
User Experience Designer
Tuesday, 16 December 2003
Voyager Bug Did you know that you are unable to place a recall on a book straight from your book bag - you have go to a new search and bring up the details of the book again before you are able to place a recall
    Bookbag anomaly

Thanks for pointing this out. An enhancement request has already been placed with the software vendor by both ourselves and several other libraries to have this anomaly rectified.
Peter Jansen
Systems Librarian
Tuesday, 2 December 2003


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