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April, 2018

If 24/7 opening cannot be done could you please consider extending the weekend closing hours by two hours so that it shuts at midnight?
    Weekend Extended Hours
    Our earlier closing time during the weekends of 10pm is largely due to the small number of students in the study spaces by this time. This said, we do extend the opening hours over the weekend until midnight for exam periods when we do see an increase in demand.
Emma Whibley
Libraries and Learning Services Assistant
Thursday, 19 April 2018
I have noticed that everyday people talk just outside the doors of IC4 study space where all the noise can be heard far inside the silent study space. The university should do something about this.
    Noise in the IC4 lobby area
    Hi Zac,

Unfortunately, there is not much the Library can do about the noise levels in non-study areas, especially in thoroughfares, such as on IC4.

Your best recourse of action is to advise the IC Helpdesk staff on Level 2 when noise is excessive, and they can ask people to reduce their noise levels. You can also email the IC Helpdesk:

Kind regards,
Melanie Brebner
IC Group Manager
Thursday, 5 April 2018

March, 2018

Could you please have some shredders at the library printing place to shred documents that contain personal information?
    Paper shredder
    Thanks for the suggestion. I will pass it on to library management for their consideration.

Elizabeth H. McKenzie
Lending, Interloan & Enquiry Services Manager
Monday, 26 March 2018
I understand that staff members are sent out to check the desks and make sure they are not just being held with nobody using them. However this entire semester I have been studying here for over 4 hour blocks and am yet to see a staff member come and tend to the unused desks. Due to the lack of staff involvement, there are also people who are very noisy and dont bother to speak in a whispering voice. Its extremely disruptive. It would be great if you could tend to having more regular staff visits. I dont know if this is possible but it may be a great idea to have like an email service or some forum upon which students can make a complaint that will be responded to by the IC staff immediately. e.g. there are noisy students in section H in IC level 3, then that could prompt a staff member to just come for a quick patrol through the section. This way, even if the people arent directly targeted, they are more likely to quiet down.
    Roving and Student Behaviour
    We aim to rove each floor every hour however sometimes this is not possible. You are able to email us at if you wish to lodge a complaint about specific student behaviour, we do send staff promptly to investigate.
Emma Whibley
Libraries and Learning Services Assistant
Friday, 16 March 2018
following up on a further suggestion, it would be a good idea to have hand sanitizers available in all libraries not just the one, and especially in Kate Edgar on the 4 levels with computers.
    Hand Sanitiser in the Information Commons
    Both the Kate Edgar and Grafton IC Helpdesks are stocked with hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant wipes. We will look into other viable options for how these may be made available.
Emma Whibley
Libraries and Learning Services Assistant
Friday, 16 March 2018
I think not opening up a 24/7 library for the sake of student well being is odd, because now we have students stressing to travel from the library to their home and study in an area where they dont feel comfortable in e.g. loud noise, lighting, study space. The matter of studying late will happen regardless and thus I believe in fact, it improves student well being. Just my opinion though, I hope a 24/7 library with access via ID cards is seriously considered soon! Thanks
    24/7 opening
    The current opening hours comply with existing University policy. When the University policy is reviewed, LLS will reconsider its opening hours.
Melanie Brebner
IC Group Manager
Wednesday, 14 March 2018
There used to be bins by the desks on all levels on the library, which for some reason arent there anymore. Because of this there are so many desks that are left very dirty by the students, with wrappers and scraps of papers all over the place. For all these bins to be replaced just by the larger bin on each floor isnt very efficient as it is always overflowing with rubbish - not encouraging students to bother disposing of their own rubbish after them.
    Rubbish bins
    As a sustainability initiative to minimize the amount of waste previously sent to landfill the General Library has removed over 150 small bins located on the floors. These have been replaced with bin stations located on each level to enable library users to take their rubbish with them and dispose or recycle conveniently as they leave the library.

Since this initiative was introduced for summer school, it has been working very effectively. We have noticed since the beginning of semester one that some bins are filling up by 2pm and we have asked for additional clearing of the bins following lunch time.

Elizabeth H. McKenzie
Lending, Interloan & Enquiry Services Manager
Friday, 9 March 2018
Two Documentaries I would like to see from the library Eight days a week by ron howard Voyage of time by Terrence Malick And also the fiction film The Arrival - my students keep telling me to see it. Please let me know if you decide to make them available
    David K
    Recommend item for purchase
    Hi Dave,

Please use the Recommend a Book form available at


Elizabeth H. McKenzie
Lending, Interloan & Enquiry Services Manager
Tuesday, 6 March 2018

February, 2018

Hello, I was wondering if we could have hand sanitiser available in the libraries and IC, especially near the computers.
    Concerned Student
    Hand sanitiser in the Philson Library
    Kia ora. The Philson Library has hand sanitiser on the lending counter which is not too far from the computers. Sometimes the bottle disappears and if this happens please inform the person at the counter so it can be replenished.
Megan Clark
Library Manager, Medical and Health Sciences
Tuesday, 27 February 2018


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