Conferences and proceedings

Conferences are an important way to disseminate new research. Conference proceedings and individual papers may also provide you with good examples of best practice and include other sources of information. To find conferences, conference papers and proceedings in your field search the following databases, websites and library catalogues.

Events are listed on the University website. Lecturers, supervisors or other researchers may also offer advice about choosing the best conferences.

Databases and directories

Search these to find upcoming conferences in your field.

Conference proceedings are the published collections of papers, or abstracts of papers, from a conference. They may be published in a variety of ways, as books or journals. They may take several years to be published and not all papers presented are published. Individual papers may also be published in a particular journal or on an author or institutional website.

  • Search for individual papers in databases or on the Internet.
  • Search for conference proceedings published as books or journals in library catalogues.


Library catalogues

Search tips

  • Search for the name of a conference, e.g. proceedings of the second International Conference on Quantitative Genetics.
  • Use keywords to search for a topic, e.g. genetics conference proceedings, symposium.
  • Search for keywords in the conference field or search in the title field and include the keywords conference or proceedings.
  • Refine results by conference, year or document types.

Conference proceedings not held at the University of Auckland Library may be obtained via Interlibrary Loan.

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