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Upgrade Write-N-Cite before 1st October 2021 - older versions of Write-N-Cite will no longer work after this date

Write-N-Cite is used for Word 2016, 2013, 2010 or Word for Mac 2011, 2008. 

  • In Word, when you click on Write-N-Cite, you will be prompted to upgrade.
  • You may also receive an in-app message in RefWorks. Follow the instructions provided.

About RefWorks

RefWorks is a web-based tool for storing and managing bibliographic references.

Connect to RefWorks

You can:

  • Copy references from the Library catalogue and many Library databases into your RefWorks account
  • View the complete list of databases compatible with RefWorks
  • Drag documents into your RefWorks account and edit and annotate them
  • Set up a RefWorks account that is accessible from anywhere with Internet access
  • Create a personal database of your references
  • Collaborate on group work
  • Insert references into documents in your choice of citation style

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Accessing RefWorks

Create an individual RefWorks account

  1. Either click the Connect to RefWorks link above
  2. From the Library databases list, locate RefWorks and click Connect
  3. Click Create Account
  4. Use your university email address to create your account

You can now use your account to build up your personal database of references.

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Set up Write-N-Cite or RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM)

Use Write-N-Cite or Reference Citation Manager (RCM) to insert in-text citations and create a reference list in Word.

Install Write-N-Cite

  • Write-N-Cite is for those using Word 2016, 2013, 2010 or Word for Mac 2011, 2008
  • Log in to your RefWorks account
  • Click on the Tools icon, click on Tools in the dropdown menu
  • Scroll down to the Cite references in your word processor section
  • Under the Microsoft Word section, Write-N-Cite, click on Download & Install. Click on 'Other Windows and Mac Versions' if required

    Staff and postgraduates - if you use a University computer, you can install Write-N-Cite as follows:

  • On a University Windows computer install using the Software Centre
    See: How do I install an application or software using the Software Centre?
  • On a University Mac computer, install using the Self Service application
    See: How do I find Self Service on a Mac to install applications?

Install RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM)

RefWorks Citation Manager is for those using Word 2016 and above.

  • In Microsoft Word, select Insert. Click on Get Add-ins. Click on Store and search for RefWorks.
  • RefWorks Citation Manager is listed. Select Add to install.
  • Select the RCM tab and click the RCM button. The RCM pane opens on the right side of the document.

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Save to RefWorks

Use "Save to RefWorks" to export bibliographic information from web pages.

Install Save to RefWorks

  • Log in to your RefWorks account
  • Click on the Tools icon, click on Tools in the dropdown menu
  • Click Install Save to RefWorks
  • Drag the 'Save to RefWorks' button to your browser's toolbar
  • The bookmarklet should appear in your browser toolbar

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Cite in Google Docs

Use the Google Docs add-on to insert and edit citations from your RefWorks library into Google Docs and create a bibliography.

Install the Google Docs add-on

  • Log in to your RefWorks account
  • Click on the Tools icon, click on Tools in the dropdown menu
  • Scroll down to the Cite references in your word processor section and click on the Google Docs tab
  • Click Get the Addon and follow instructions
  • The add-on will be available from the Add-ons menu in Google docs

Group Code

If you are asked for a Group Code when accessing RefWorks, enter RWUnivAuckland

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Guides and videos

University of Auckland RefWorks guides

Official RefWorks guides


  • Official RefWorks training videos
    A series of useful short videos on the main tasks you will need to carry out.


RefWorks also provides webinars (online classes) in which students and staff can participate. You can register for a webinar from the training page of the RefWorks website.

Legacy and New RefWorks

If you are using an older version of RefWorks (Legacy RefWorks) and would like to transfer your references, these instructions will guide you.

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View Guides and videos to gain basic knowledge of the software.

RefWorks Support Centre

Google it

  • There's a wealth of information about RefWorks out there

Still can't find the answer to your question?

If you have a further question about RefWorks, please use the official RefWorks support pages.

Support Centre queries are dealt with Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm. You can expect a reply within 24 hours.

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