Language Exchange (LEX)

LEX is a non-credit activity at the University of Auckland. It gives you the opportunity to develop a language you want to learn or improve and helps other students to develop a language they are learning. All LEX participants are volunteers and the programme is free.

Who can be involved?

LEX is open to all enrolled students and staff members of the University of Auckland.

How does LEX work?

Simply, LEX uses Facebook to help you find people and then meet to exchange languages. Participants will need to have a Facebook account to enjoy the language exchange experience.

Some of the benefits

For English learners:

  • Gain confidence in speaking English.
  • Learn common New Zealand terms and phrases.
  • Enable others to learn your language and culture.

If your first language is English:

  • Gain confidence in speaking a language you are learning.
  • Increase your understanding of your target culture.
  • Enable students to get ahead with their English.

The LEX Adviser is Jenny Jones