Let's talk to local students!


If you're a student who uses English as an Additional Language (EAL), and you want the opportunity to talk to local students, 'Let's talk to local students' is for you! Talking with New Zealanders and other EAL students gives you the chance not only to learn about life in New Zealand and other places, but also to improve your listening comprehension and speaking fluency, and to develop your vocabulary.


'Let's talk to local students' runs each week for an hour during semesters at the City Campus. EAL and local students have the chance to discuss topics related to life in New Zealand and other places. Each workshop ends with a language-focussed session facilitated by the ELE Learning Adviser.

Guidelines for EAL students

Come prepared to talk with other students and to share your experiences with them. Bring along some paper or an e-device to record anything new you learn: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and information you glean from the session.

Guidelines for local student volunteers

If you are a University of Auckland student who grew up in New Zealand and used English in your home and you enjoy meeting other people, you would be an ideal volunteer for 'Let's talk to local students'. You do not need to prepare, but just come ready to talk to a small group of EAL students once a week for an hour during semesters. English Language Enrichment staff will provide discussion notes on topics such as celebrations, public holidays, and travel. Other students will be very interested to hear your perspectives as local New Zealanders.

Book a place or contact Dr Jenny Jones (+64 9 923 1489) for more information.