Let's talk to Aucklanders

A conversation group for postgraduates.


If you're a postgraduate student who speaks English as an Additional Language (EAL), 'Let's Talk to Aucklanders' is for you! This conversation group provides you the opportunity to converse in English with people who have made Auckland their home about topics you want to talk about. Having these conversations gives you the chance not only to find out about the things that interest you, but also to improve your listening comprehension and speaking fluency, and to develop your vocabulary.


'Let's Talk to Aucklanders' is held once a fortnight at the City Campus for two hours. Students need to come prepared to ask questions about topics that interest them such as matters related to current affairs or New Zealand life and culture. Each student is matched up with an Aucklander for a twenty minute conversation. Then, following a similar format to speed-dating, each student moves on to converse with a different Aucklander for another twenty minutes. This format is repeated a number of times during the two-hour session. The session closes with a brief language-focussed session with the ELE Learning Adviser. All are welcome to stay and participate in this.

Guidelines for students

Come prepared to ask questions about a topic that interests you! You may wish to write your questions down before you come, and also to bring some paper with you to record anything new you learn: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and information you glean from the session.

Guidelines for volunteers

Be prepared to converse with a number of students about a variety of topics which they will think of in advance of the session. The students will be very interested to hear your perspectives as Aucklanders about these topics. As you are talking with the students, keep in mind that one of the main goals of the session is to give them the opportunity to develop speaking fluency. This goal means that you do not need to correct every mistake you hear. Rather, try to keep the conversation as natural as possible, and only ask for clarification when you cannot understand what a student is saying. Just as you would in a normal conversation, feel free to ask questions of your own which are related to the conversation topic.

Book a place or contact Dr Jenny Jones (+64 9 923 1489) for more information.