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Improve your English by talking to other students online

If you’re a student who uses English as an Additional Language (EAL), and you want the opportunity to speak English with other students, ‘Let’s Talk online’ is for you! Having conversations with others gives you the chance not only to connect with them, but also improve your listening comprehension and speaking fluency, and develop your vocabulary.

How it works

‘Let’s Talk online’ runs several different times each week for an hour. Each session is facilitated by an English Language Enrichment (ELE) adviser, and begins with a language focus, which is followed by discussion in small groups and ends with an opportunity for you to give feedback.

Sessions will be offered via Zoom on Mondays 2-3pm, Wednesdays 11-12am, and Fridays 3-4pm.

To participate you will need:

  • A fast, reliable internet connection
  • Access to a computer, smartphone or other mobile device
  • A quiet space

We strongly recommend that you:

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