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Theses from other universities

The Library holds some theses from other universities, and provides access to hundreds of thousands of others online. There are many national and international websites and databases with lists of theses, some with full-text that you can download.

For English language theses, begin with these collections:

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Theses databases and websites

North America

  • Key resource: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
    Coverage is comprehensive for North American universities and there are also theses from many other countries. Over 2,000,000 references, with about 1,000,000 available to download.

Further resources:

Australia, New Zealand, Pacific

  • Key resource: Trove
    Over 250,000 theses produced at Australian universities, and also many from New Zealand.

Further resources:

    A gateway to open-access research documents, such as theses, produced at universities, polytechnics, and other research institutions in New Zealand.
  • Te Puna: the New Zealand national union catalogue
    Combined catalogue of New Zealand libraries.
  • Informit
    The Informit database collection includes citations to theses in Australian heritage, criminology, education, environment, sport.

Britain and Europe

  • Key resource: EThOS
    The British Library's Electronic Theses Online Service. Search across 250,000 theses and order full text.

Further resources:



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Theses in progress

There is no single comprehensive listing for all theses in progress. However there are a number of websites and publications which list current research, and many university departments list theses in progress.

Use Google Scholar to search for the phrases "PhD in progress" or "thesis in progress".

These are some websites with theses in progress:

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