Internet and wireless

The University of Auckland wireless network is available in the City, Grafton, Epsom and Newmarket campuses. It is also available at several remote sites where students visit to perform their practical work. To use the wireless network you must be within range of a wireless access point (WAP) and have a wireless capable device.

Wireless networks at the University

Unlimited, free and high-speed access is available to all University students but you need to log in with your username and password.

It is prohibited to illegally copy material in any format, copy software, download copyrighted video or audio files, illegally use unlicensed products, and use material accessed on the Internet in order to plagiarise.

Wireless access

Network Access Log in Encryption More information
UoA-WiFi Students and staff only Username and password (WPA2/EC credentials) Instruction guides
UoA-Guest-WiFi Guests who have been granted access by University of Auckland staff through the Sponsor Portal Username and password as obtained through the Sponsor Portal Open Allows internet access and University of Auckland web pages that can be accessed via the internet
Eduroam Visitors only Eduroam username and password (WPA-EAP-TKIP)
Eduroam - roaming wireless network

Network descriptions

University of Auckland WiFi (UoA-WiFi)

  • UoA-WiFi provides access to all University websites, the full range of Library resources and all non-University websites.
  • UoA-WiFi is recommended for all current staff and students.


  • UoA-Guest-WiFi is for all guests (non-contractors) to the University who are visiting University staff for a short term. It will allow guests to access the University main page without authenticating. To access the internet, the guest will need to log in to the UoA-Guest web portal. The credentials can be provided by any University of Auckland staff member via a self-service Sponsor Portal.
  • Although University of Auckland staff and students can log in to the UoA-Guest web portal, they are encouraged to use the UoA-WiFi SSID.


  • Eduroam is a wireless network that allows visiting members from other Eduroam member institutions to log in with their usual home "username/password" to a wireless network at participating campuses around the world, and gain access to resources at their home institution. To find out more, see Eduroam.

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Connecting to the wireless network

You can connect to the UOA-WiFi network using your username and password.

For specific instructions, please refer to one of the following guides:

file QuoVadis root certificate
Download this file if your device is unable to automatically load the required security certificate for the UoA-WiFi network.

Symbian OS
Some older Nokia devices running Symbian operating system are unable to connect to UoA-WiFi due to authentication issues. Please connect to UoA-Guest-WiFi instead.

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Wireless access for conference guests

If you are organising a conference and want your guests to have wireless internet access for the duration of the conference please contact:

Staff Service Centre
Phone: +64 9 923 6000

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UoA-WiFi network wireless help

  • If you are having problems connecting to the wireless network check your wireless connection is turned on.
  • For new students, WiFi access is not granted until you have enrolled in courses for the upcoming semester
  • If you are still having problems after checking your wireless connection is turned on, please come to one of our Help Desks.

For help with connecting to the UoA-WiFi networks, please contact us from Ask us or come and see us at one of our Help Desks during opening hours.

Online Enquiries
Ask us

Kate Edger Student IT Hub
Building 315, Level 2
Kate Edger Information Commons
Corner of Symonds and Alfred Streets
City Campus

Philson Library Help Desk
Philson Library
Building 503, Level 1
85 Park Road
Grafton Campus

Epsom Library Help Desk
Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library
L Block, Gate 3
74 Epsom Avenue
Epsom Campus

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