File saving and sharing

File storage is accessible from all University computers and is also accessible off-campus.

The Web DropOff Box allows easy sharing of executables and/or large files which would be difficult to transfer via e-mail.

File saving / storage

All enrolled students are provided with free:

  • Unlimited Google Drive
  • University file storage (backed up)

You should regularly save your work and maintain multiple copies of your work.

Free unlimited Google Drive

All enrolled students are provided with a free unlimited Google Drive, which is retained perpetually, even when no longer a student at the University.

The username for a student Google Drive is (username)

Accessing your Google Drive from University computer labs through Kumo (Windows computers only)

Libraries, information commons and most faculty computer labs provide easy access to cloud storage as a network drive in Windows Explorer from shared University computers. After an initial setup at first log in on a University computer, you will have access to your Google Drives. These Kumo instructions will guide you through the initial setup process.

University file storage

The University provides file storage which is accessible on all University computers. Off-campus access is also available.

The use of file storage is subject to the terms and conditions as described in relevant IT Policies.

On-campus access

  • To access file storage on a computer on campus:
    • Double-click on the “Student Storage” desktop icon (Libraries) or the ”IC Home Drive” desktop icon (Information Commons).
    • For access to file storage in faculty computer labs, please check with the Lab Supervisor.
  • To save to file storage on a computer in Library or Information Commons, click on file > save as > H: (echome).
  • To save to file storage on a computer in faculty computer labs, please check with the Lab Supervisor.
  • Some faculty computer labs may provide additional faculty storage; please check with the Lab Supervisor.

Files from undergraduate students home drives will be archived 18 months after the end of their enrolment and then automatically deleted 18 months later. Please ensure you copy any files from your home drive before you leave the University.

Off-campus access

Archived files

  • Files that have not been accessed (read or written to) for more than 18 months will be archived.
  • Archived files will be greyed-out (off-line), double clicking the files will initiate the retrieval process.
  • Unix and Mac users will not see greyed-out files, as these systems do not recognise off-line status. However, clicking on these files will also start the retrieval process.
  • Archived files will take about one minute to open. Numerous concurrent requests to access archived files will result in longer retrieval times.

Other ways to save your work

  • On a USB memory storage device.
  • By emailing it to yourself as an attachment.
  • On a writeable CD or DVD (on a computer with a DVD–CD ROM drive).


You can get help at the IC Helpdesks for file storage support during opening hours.

Phone: +64 9 923 2333