Changes to copy and print service

Copying and printing changes have arrived.

On Monday 15 April the University of Auckland changed the copy and print service from (CAPS) and NetAccount, to a system called Follow Me copy and print service. 

What does this mean for you?

From 15 April, you will need the blue Campus Card to access printing and copying services.

  • Access the printer with your Campus Card
    To print, scan or photocopy, you will need to ‘tap’ your Campus Card to the card reader. You will no longer be able to ‘swipe’ your Campus Card or your old white ID card.
  • Top-up your print balance online 
    You will be able to top-up and manage your print balance online, at your convenience, using the Campus Card portal. EPOS and cash autoloader machines will be removed from around the various campuses.

What do you need to do to use Follow Me copy and print service?

  • If you have the blue Campus Card, you don’t need to do anything.  You can top-up online, using on the Campus Card portal. More information can be found at Add money.
  • If you have the old white card, replace it with the blue Campus Card so you can access copying and printing services. Alternatively, you can log in to the printer with your username and password. To get the blue Campus Card, upload a recent photo of yourself through the Campus Card portal or visit the Campus Card Office to have your photo taken. 

New features available from 15 April

  • Email to print
    To print an attachment in an email, you don't have to open the attachment first. Just send the email (with the attachment) to and the attachment will be queued in the print queue ready for release.

  • Scan options
    • Your email address will populate by default as the destination for the scanned document. This means you no longer have to manually enter your email address on the printer screen or save it under the scan options on the printer.
    • You will be able to scan to your Google drive, One drive, or Dropbox.
    • For large documents (over approx. 10 pages), scanning to Web Dropoff is possible.
  • Print from your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet
    • An Apple mobile device - find the Follow Me print queues and print directly from your device.
    • An Android mobile device - download the Papercut App “Mobility Print” from the play store and then find the Follow Me print queues and print directly from your device.
    • A personal computer - staff and students can print from their own device through webprint. This eliminates the need to download drivers.
    • A UoA computer - students logging into a UoA computer will automatically have access to the Follow Me print queues

See also Copy, print and scanning instructions

Why is the copy and print service changing?

The University of Auckland is committed to providing a copy and print service that is better for students, is sustainable and good for the environment. The new service will enable us to minimise waste and reduce energy and paper use.