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Copy and print prices

Type Cost
Single-sided black and white A4/A3 10 cents per page
Double-sided black and white A4/A3 20 cents per sheet (10 cents per page)
Single-sided colour A4/A3 20 cents per page
Double-sided colour A4/A3 40 cents per sheet (20 cents per page)


Some courses give students a free allocation of money for copying or printing.

  • Allocations are given by the University; they are not part of your personal funds.
  • Allocations always have a start date and end date and are specific.
  • Allocations cannot be refunded or changed.
  • Allocations are used up before any money that you added to your copy or print balance yourself.


There is no charge for scanning on a flatbed scanner or scanning using an MFD.

However, scanning using a multifunction device (MFD) requires you to have a positive copy or print balance.

For more information, see Copy, print and scanning instructions.

Need help?

You can get help at the IC Helpdesks for copy and print support during opening hours.

Phone: +64 9 923 2333