Software for personal use

Here are some of the computer software and cloud-based applications available from the University for installation on a personal device or accessed through a browser.


EndNote is a database programme for storing and managing bibliographic references.

It can be downloaded for Work at Home use by postgraduate students and staff for $7.

There is more information about EndNote and other reference management tools available to staff and students.

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NVivo (Windows and Mac) is available free to University of Auckland staff and students for download from the QSR website. Software installation is to be undertaken by the user, please check system requirements. The University does not provide support for software installation on personally owned computers.

Licence Expiry

The NVivo licence is renewed on an annual basis. You will be required to update the authorisation code of your software every January to continue using this software. The latest NVivo renewal codes are available online.

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RefWorks is a free web-based tool for storing and managing bibliographic references.

Visit the RefWorks webpages for more information.

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A version of SAS is available free via the SAS website.

To obtain the free download:

If you are currently enrolled in a Department of Statistics course and have issues with SAS download or have more complex SAS requirements please email for assistance.

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  • Staff and postgraduate students can purchase annual license codes of SPSS and AMOS from the University of Auckland Hearne Scientific portal. This is valid until the end of January of the next calendar year regardless of when it is purchased.
  • Undergraduate students can purchase a Grad Pack through Hearne Scientific. This is valid for one calendar year.
Software installation is undertaken by the student as the University does not provide support for software installation on personally owned computers. The software can be downloaded to Windows or Mac computers.

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Azure Notebooks

Azure Notebooks is a free service to develop and run Jupyter notebooks in the cloud with no installation. Jupyter allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualisations and narrative text.



Note: If running computationally intensive codes, students and staff could consider Jupyter Notebook as an alternative (free, requires installation).

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Other software (OnTheHub)

Other software may be purchased or downloaded from OnTheHub. Purchase or download of some software is dependent on enrolment in specific courses.

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