Laptops for loan

Laptops are available for students to borrow on the City, Grafton and Epsom campuses.

Borrowing laptops

You can borrow a laptop from the helpdesk in these locations:

The following conditions apply:

  • You must present your Campus Card (ID) to borrow a laptop.
  • You can borrow a laptop for two hours, with the opportunity to extend borrowing for a further two hours by renewing online using My Library Account.
  • If you renew your laptop loan, the extra two hours start from the time you renew online (e.g., if the laptop is due at 2pm and you place the renewal at 1.30pm, it will be due at 3pm). If you wish to continue borrowing a laptop after this, visit the helpdesk where you borrowed it to request further time.
  • Laptops cannot be borrowed overnight.
  • You must comply with all conditions for laptop use and are liable for costs incurred as a result of loss, theft or damage as per the Library Statute.

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Fines for overdue or lost laptops

Fines are charged at $0.20 cents per minute for an overdue laptop and charger. The maximum overdue fine is $90. If you lose the laptop, you will be charged the replacement cost, which will not exceed $2,000. Laptops not returned after three days are automatically charged as lost.

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