What you can borrow and for how long

Students and staff can borrow up to 100 books at a time. You will need to have your Campus Card (ID) to borrow items.

Standard loan items

The standard loan period applies to most books available in the open collections of our libraries. It also applies to books, serials and theses borrowed from the On-Demand Collection.

If someone has requested an item you have on loan, you will receive an email letting you know that the due date has changed. Please return it by the new due date to avoid having your borrowing privileges suspended.

All students, staff, and Associate Members with borrowing privileges

  • 100 items allowed on loan
  • 60 day loan period
  • Five day loan period if there is a waiting list
  • Renew to a maximum loan period of 180 days

This includes the following groups:

International offshore students can request chapter and article digitisations, and access electronic resources.

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Short loan items

Short loan collections contain high-demand items from course reading lists. A limited number of copies of textbooks are available.

The short loan lending periods are:

Two hours

  • Return to the helpdesk after two hours

Three hours

  • For high-demand audiovisual items
  • Return to the helpdesk after three hours

Same day

  • Return to the helpdesk before the library closes
  • No overnight loans
  • Not renewable
  • Can be requested if on loan
  • Pick-up at the holding library only
  • Requested items are held for one day

Three day

  • Return to the library where it was borrowed
  • Renewable to a maximum of six days
  • Can be requested if on loan
  • Pick-up at the holding library only
  • Requested items are held for one day

Five or seven day

  • Some items are made available for five or seven day loans

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Serials are publications that are issued in regular instalments, such as magazines or journals. Old editions will usually be bound together into one volume covering a particular date range.

  • Serials with barcodes in the Main Collection of the General Library and the On-Demand Collection can be borrowed for the standard loan period.
  • Most other serials are for use within the relevant library.
  • Some serials are available for three or seven day loans and may not be renewed.

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