Returning your items on loan

Items on loan

  • Return items on loan by the due date or time to avoid suspension of your borrowing privileges.
  • Libraries are open throughout semester breaks and most are open on weekends. You are responsible for ensuring items are returned by these due dates.
  • When you are away for any reason, including going on practicum, field trips or holiday, make arrangements to check your email for notices and return items. See My Library Account for information on changing your contact details.

How you know when loans are due back

  • If someone requests a book that you have borrowed, you may need to return it before the original due date. You will receive a recall notice by email with a new due date.
  • Check the new due date when the Library sends you a Due Date Change notice (see Requests for items on loan).
  • Regularly check My Library Account for the due dates of your loans.

How to return your loans

  • Short loan items should be returned to staff at the library helpdesk or to the Smart Shelf in the General Library.
  • Standard loans can be returned to any library.
  • Most libraries have an external slot for the return of books after hours. Any items placed in these slots after closing time are given the discharge date and time as at closing time.
  • Ensure all parts are present when you return an item, e.g. music scores, items accompanied by a CD.