Library blocks

Why you may be blocked

You will be blocked from borrowing, renewing or placing requests if you exceed any of the following limits:

  • One or more overdue requested item from any library.
  • $10 or more in fines for all except staff and PhD students ($50.00).
  • Your Campus Card (ID) has a status of expired, lost or stolen.
  • You have reached the maximum number of items you are allowed to borrow.
  • 20 or more overdue items from any library.

Your number of loans is calculated across all libraries from which items are borrowed including Interlibrary Loan items equipment.

How to remove your block

  • Return overdue items. If you cannot find them, report them missing to the Library you borrowed them from.
  • Return some of your items on loan to get under your borrowing limit.
  • Pay your outstanding fines and fees.
  • Use the most recent Campus Card (ID) which has been issued to you.