Track your impact

Impact is important

Demonstrating impact can assist with funding and promotion applications, publishing strategy, academic CVs and research assessment.

There are a range of tools and approaches for tracking the impact of a researcher, journal or publication.

Learn about measures such as:

  • Citation counts and the h-index.
  • Reviews, media mentions and awards.
  • Altmetrics - publication activity and reach on the social web.

Metrics Toolkit is an overview resource that explains metrics for books, book chapters, datasets, journal articles and software/code/scripts and how to use them to support evidence of impact. Filters to identify metrics by type of impact, research object and discipline are available.

MyRI is a self-paced guide developed by a consortium of Irish universities. It provides a good overview on how you might approach measuring your impact.

A guide from the Digital Curation Centre provides useful information on the impact of research data with metrics.

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Last updated : 16 February 2018
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