International law

United Nations treaties | United Nations declarations and resolutions | Security Council resolutions | Intergovernmental treaty collections | Jurisdiction treaty collections | Historic treaties

United Nations treaties

Selected multilateral treaties

Treaty guidance

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United Nations declarations and resolutions

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Security Council resolutions

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Intergovernmental treaty collections

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Jurisdiction treaty collections

New Zealand

Other jurisdictions

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Historic treaties

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Case law online | International courts | International criminal tribunals | Arbitration institutions | World War II military tribunals

Case law online

  • OHCHR Jurisprudence database
    Free database of decisions from United Nations treaty bodies which receive and consider complaints from individuals including: the Human Rights Committee (CCPR), the Committee against Torture (CAT), the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the Committee on Enforced Disappearances (CED), the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR), and the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC).
  • International Law Reports (ILR) from 1919
    Justis database provides searchable access of cases from a range of international and domestic courts including selected arbitral decisions.
  • Oxford Reports of International Law
    Search across a range of international courts decisions or search a particular module collection including human rights law, criminal law, investment claims, trade law, international law in European Union courts, and international law in domestic courts.
  • Reports of International Arbitral Awards (RIAA) from 1948
    International arbitral and judicial awards between States, and also between international organisations and States.
  • International Legal Materials (ILM) from 1962
    Reproduces important primary sources of international law including judicial and arbitral decisions, international organisation resolutions and other documents.
  • International Tax Law Reports (ITLR) from 1998
    Tax decisions from around the world that discuss international taxation issues including the interpretation and application of double taxation conventions based on OECD model provisions, and transfer pricing.
    Human rights case summaries from Commonwealth and international human rights courts and tribunals.
  • Case Law on UNCITRAL Texts (CLOUT)
    United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) provides a free database of information on court decisions and arbitral awards relating to the UNCITRAL Conventions and Model Laws.
    Includes free database of investment trade arbitration awards and decisions from a range of arbitration institutions.
  • World Trade Organization - Dispute Settlement
    Interactive map and free database of trade disputes between WTO member countries.

International law report series held in the Library

  • International Human Rights Reports (IHRR) from 1994
    Includes primary source materials on human rights matters, including human rights treaties and other documents adopted within the United Nations and other international organisations.
  • Butterworths Human Rights Cases (BHRC) from 1996
    Includes reports of leading human rights decisions from international and national courts and tribunals. The BHRC series is included in Lexis Advance.

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International courts

International Court of Justice

Permanent Court of International Justice

International Criminal Court

European Court of Human Rights

European Court of Justice

Inter-American Court of Human Rights

  • European Court of Justice - CURIA
    Provides access to cases reported in the European Court Reports (ECR) and unreported cases.
  • EUR-Lex - EU case law
    Search European Court of Justice case law, or browse digital versions of the European Court Reports (ECR). Provides access to case law published in the Official Journal of the European Communities (OJ).
  • Directory of European Union case law
    Provides access to European Union case law arranged by subject classifications.
  • NZLSG Rule 10.5.1 citing European Court Reports, and for cases from 2012 onwards.
  • Adapt NZLSG Rule 10.5.2 when citing cases within the Official Journal of the European Communities (OJ C series).
  • European Case Law Identifiers (ECLI)
    Provides a description of the neutral citation method adopted by the European Court of Justice. ECLI numbers from 2012 should be included see NZLSG Rule 10.5.1(c).

African Court of Human and People's Rights

African Commission on Human and People's Rights

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International criminal tribunals



Bosnia and Herzegovina





Sierra Leone

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Arbitration institutions

Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)

ICC International Court of Arbitration

International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)

Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SSC)

Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)

Court of Arbitration for Sport

Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC)

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World War II military tribunals

Nuremberg Trials

Tokyo International Military Tribunal

Khabarovsk War Crime Trials

The Women's International War Crimes Tribunal For the Trial of Japan's Military Sexual Slavery

  • The Prosecutors and the Peoples of the Asia-Pacific Region v Hirohito Emperor Showa
    International Crimes Database archive of proceedings of the Women's International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan's Military Sexual Slavery. The Tribunal was a peoples’ tribunal, organised by Asian women and human rights organisations and supported by international NGOs and was set up to adjudicate Japan's military sexual violence committed during WWII (in particular the enslavement of the so-called "comfort women") to bring those responsible for it to justice, and to end the ongoing cycle of impunity for wartime sexual violence against women.

International law commentaries | International customary law commentaries | Legal encyclopedias and dictionaries | Travaux préparatoires | Legal e-book databases

International law commentaries

Selection of recommended international law commentaries.

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International customary law commentaries

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Legal encyclopedias and dictionaries

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Travaux préparatoires

Travaux préparatoires are the preparatory works that record the negotiating and drafting history of a treaty and include: documents, reports, minutes and other materials. These documents are consulted when interpreting treaties. Some travaux préparatoires are openly accessible, others are published within books, and some are not available.

United Nations Charter

Law of treaties

Human rights


Criminal law


Maritime law


Travaux Preparatoires guides

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Legal e-book databases

  • Brill E-Book Collections
    Select the Subject tab to search the International Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, and the International Relations topics for full-text access to chapters in books including the Martinus Nihhoff legal series.
  • Oxford Scholarship Online
    Browse or search the Law collection to identify relevant books published by Oxford University Press (not all books are accessible online refer to the Catalogue for the print version).
  • Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law
    Oxford University Press e-books on international law topics including: human rights, humanitarian law, foreign relations, international courts and tribunals, international economic law, transnational criminal law, law of the sea, and environmental law.
  • Hague Academy Collected Courses Online
    Also known as the Recueil des cours, the database includes public and private international law lectures given by prominent legal specialists from around the world at the Hague Academy of International Law since 1923.
  • Cambridge Books
    Cambridge University Press e-books database includes many international law and international relations titles.
  • ElgarOnline
    Edward Elgar Publishing's ebook database includes international and comparative law titles.

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Legal journals databases | Other resources

Legal journals databases

  • Westlaw International - World Journals
    Includes a wide range of legal journals from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and some from Australia and New Zealand. Provides full text of articles discussing international legal topics.
  • Oxford Journals
    Provides access to over 50 important international legal journals on a wide range of topics including human rights, conflict and security, arbitration, environmental law, information technology, and the British Yearbook of International Law.
  • Cambridge Journals
    Includes articles from a range of law reviews and journals and selected international yearbooks, and the International and Comparative Law Quarterly.
  • HeinOnline - Law Journal Library
    Large collection of law reviews and journals from the United States, Canada and selected titles from increasing number of other jurisdictions including some Australian and New Zealand title. Specialises in archiving legal journals and provides page image versions of articles.
  • HeinOnline - Foreign and International Law Resources Database
    Includes international legal periodicals and yearbooks from around the world on international law and specialised legal topics.
  • Kluwer Law International - Journals
    Includes articles on a range of international legal topics including taxation, arbitration, global trade, competition law, environmental law, and aviation law.
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
    Index of over 500 multilingual legal journals published worldwide, and is considered important for accessing details of articles from non Anglo-American jurisdictions.
  • Index to Legal Periodicals and Books
    Index of articles from law journals, law reviews, and yearbooks from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand including some legal books and monographs.
  • Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective 1908-1981
    Index of over 750 legal periodicals, annual surveys of the federal courts, yearbooks, annual institutes, and annual reviews on topics.

Also refer to the International legal journals subject guide.

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Other resources

  • Yearbook of the United Nations from 1947.
    Published by the United Nations Department of Public Information the yearbook provides comprehensive coverage of political and security matters, human rights issues, economic and social questions, legal issues, and institutional, administrative matters. Useful for highlighting important United Nations resolutions and documents relating to major events and initiatives.
  • Yearbook of the International Law Commission from 1949.
    Published each General Assembly session in two volumes containing the summary records of the meetings of the International Law Commission and the principal documents.
  • Journal of the United Nations from 2003.
    Provides a daily record of United Nations meetings and topics and relevant documents and includes complete list of official documents issued that day.
  • UN Chronicle from 2006
    Free access to the United Nations magazine provides essays and opinions from official, non-governmental, academic, and policymaking groups connected with the United Nations. HeinOnline database provides an archive of earlier issues from 1964.
  • WorldLII - International Law Library
    Includes a range of free international law journals and law reform publications concerning international law.

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United Nations | United Nations specialised agencies | International organisations | Regional organisations | International legal research guides | Private international law | Disarmament

United Nations

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United Nations specialised agencies

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International organisations

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Regional organisations

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International legal research guides

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Private international law

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New Zealand Law Style Guide

All written work completed for the Faculty of Law must comply with the New Zealand Law Style Guide (3rd ed, Thomson Reuters, Wellington, 2018).

For further guidance on the citation of United Nations legal sources not covered by the New Zealand Law Style Guide, see the latest edition of Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citations published by New York University School of Law.

Additional guidance for citing international law sources

These are suggestions for citing international law sources using the New Zealand Law Style Guide (NZLSG).

Source Example Explanation

Oxford Reports on International Law

Includes a range of report series including: ICL, ICGJ, IHRL, ILDC, IIC, ITL, ILEC.

Party names (Phase or type of decision) ICL 129 (ICTR 1998).

Prosecutor v Akayesu (Sentencing judgment) ICL 129 (ICTR 1998).

Where 'ICL 129' is the International Criminal Law report series and case number, and 'ICTR' is the court, and 1998 is the year of the judgment. This example adopts the essential citing elements for decisions of international courts and tribunals in NZLSG Rule 10.2

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law

Citing article entries within this online encyclopedia.

Author "Article Title" in R Wolfrum (ed) The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (online ed, Oxford University Press, XXXX).

Where XXXX is the year of the last updated version of the article entry in the online encyclopedia. This example adapts NZLSG Rules 6.2.1 and 6.3.1.

United Nations Human Rights Committee documents

Citing unreported international legal decisions.

Levinov v Belarus (Merits) UNHRC Communication No 1812/2008, UN Doc CCPR/C/102/D/1821/2008, 26 July 2011.

This example adapts the citing elements from NZLSG Rules 10.2.2 and 10.4.3.


  • Referencing
    Access a range of tools and support material to assist your referencing work.


  • Quick©ite
    Use this interactive tool to view examples of references.
    Covers a range of styles used at the University of Auckland.

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