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Select keywords for your search

Think about different terms to describe the topic you are researching. You may need to repeat your searches using different variations of a keyword.

  • What are possible keywords for this topic?
    Are there any solutions for the design of earthquake proof structured buildings?

Alternative keywords are:

  • earthquake, proof OR resistant OR resistance, building* OR structure*, design*

Concept mapping

List your alternative key terms by concept to systematically construct multiple searches.

Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3 Concept 4
earthquake* proof building* design
quake* resistant structure* designs
  resistance   designing
  • From this table, use one keyword from each column/concept and combine them with Boolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT/AND NOT.
  • Use " " for a phrase, e.g., "earthquake resistance".
  • Use the truncation symbols (*, ?, $) for various endings of a keyword to find more search results, e.g., design* for design, designs, designing, designed.

A suggested search strategy:
(earthquake* OR quake*) AND (proof OR resistan*) AND (building* OR structure*) and design*

Finding full text

  • Articles and more
    Enter article title in quote marks, e.g., "Improved earthquake resistant design of eccentric steel buildings".
  • Catalogue
    Enter title of journal, thesis or book with the surname of the author.
  • Databases
    Search for journal articles and conference papers on your research topics from database by titles or authors of articles or keywords.
  • Interlibrary Loan
    Use this service to obtain items not owned by the University of Auckland Library.

Building on your research

Use a literature-searching strategy that builds on information that you already have. Start with a relevant book or article and try some of the following:

  • Look at the reference list for more material.
  • Take note of the words used in the text of your book or article. They may provide useful new terms to use, which you can add to your concept map, when searching for more literature.
  • Find your book or article in the library catalogue or a database. Use the subject headings (sometimes referred to as descriptors or keywords) in the catalogue or database record to find similar material.
  • Look up other works by the author(s).
  • Search for citations to your book or article on Google Scholar, Scopus or Web of Science.

Literature reviews

Referencing styles used for Engineering

The following reference styles are the ones commonly used for engineering at the University of Auckland:

Other reference styles used at the University of Auckland.

LaTeX and BibTeX web resources


  • Referencing
    Access a range of tools and support material to assist your referencing work.


  • Quickcite
    Use this interactive tool to view examples of references.
    Covers a range of styles used at the University of Auckland.

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