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  • Pasifika

For Pasifika education topics there are likely to be many different ways to describe the topic you are researching. There are several different terms which have been used to describe Pacific people in New Zealand. This means you may need to repeat your searches using different terms.

Pasifika is largely used in education contexts, and is sometimes spelled as Pasefika or Pacifika.

Pacific Island, Pacific Islanders, Pacific Peoples, Polynesia, Melanesia, or the name of a specific country or island may be used, particularly in other subject disciplines.

In some databases a broader term such as Australasia, Asia-Pacific or Oceania can be useful.

Background on the use of the term Pasifika:

Airini, Anae, M. & Mila-Schaaf, K. (2010). Appendix Two: A working definition of Pasifika Peoples. In Teu le Va—Relationships across research and policy in Pasifika Education (pp.49-51). Wellington: Ministry of Education.

  • Education sectors

Alternative terms for education sectors include:

early childhood, infants, babies, toddlers, preschool, kindergartens

primary, elementary, K-6, (K-12 for primary and secondary together)

intermediate, middle school, junior high

secondary, high school, post-primary

tertiary, higher education, universities, colleges, post-compulsory

  • Key topics

Think of alternative terms for the other aspect of your research topic. For example:

'aiga, fanau, whanau, family, parents, home, community

youth, young people, teenagers, adolescents

achievement, success, improvement

Plan your search using a concept map

List your alternative key terms by concept to systematically construct multiple searches.

For example, if your topic is "the role of family in Pasifika children's literacy development" you might map the key concepts as below.

Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3
Pasifika children 'aiga reading
Pasefika children family writing
Pacific children parents literacy

From the table above, you would enter one keyword from each column/concept in different combinations.

Search 1: Pasifika children family literacy

Search 2: Pacific children ‘aiga reading


  • Ako Aotearoa Knowledge Centre
    A comprehensive source of information on recent tertiary education research and implementation projects, currently being conducted in New Zealand (2006 onwards).
  • A Plus Education
    Also known as AEI - Australian Education Index, covers a wide range of education subjects including New Zealand and the Pacific.
  • Education Research Complete
    Recommended for its excellent range of scholarly research relating to all areas of education, including New Zealand research.
  • NZCER Journals Online
    Journals published by the New Zealand Council for Education Research:
  • ProQuest Education Journals
    Excellent range of scholarly research relating to all areas of education.

Indigenous Studies

  • Indigenous Collection (Informit)
    Offering broad scope for critical international engagement and debate surrounding Indigenous culture, health, human geography, and other important aspects, this inter-disciplinary platform gives a definitive voice to Indigenous communities in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

Language Teaching and Learning


Research methodology

  • SAGE Research Methods
    Research methods used in the social and behavioral sciences, plus methods commonly used in science, technology, medicine, and the humanities.

Theses and dissertations


  • Ethnographic Video Online
    Video collections for the study of human culture and behaviour.
  • eTV
    Provides real-time teaching video resources through local and international television programming delivered as live streams and videos available to be viewed and downloaded.

Full list of databases for Education

Full list of databases for Pacific studies

Full list of databases and websites for Indigenous research

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Teacher resources

Youth mentoring

To find other books from the library catalogue, try: Indigenous research methodologies; Pacific research methodology; culturally responsive research or search on the name of the specific methodology or framework such as: talanoa methodology, teu le va.

For more articles, refer to the Pacific Studies subject guide: Pacific methodology. Links to conceptual frameworks and methodologies. Or try the terms above in Google Scholar.


Meyer, & Meissel, K. (2023). Research methods for education and the social disciplines in Aotearoa New Zealand (Meyer & K. Meissel, Eds.). NZCER Press.


A list of exemplary theses completed recently at the Faculty of Education and Social Work.




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