Use databases to find material in the University of Auckland Library’s collection of books, journals, theses, television programmes and conference proceedings.

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Create a search strategy

  • Analyse your research question or assignment topic. Restate it in your own words if that helps you to understand it.
  • Identify the keywords which represent the main ideas or concepts in your question or topic.
  • Think of synonyms and related terms for the main concepts. Use a concept map or table, as below.
  • Formulate your search by selecting a word from each column (or different concept).
  • Try searching various combinations of the keywords/synonyms, e.g., house construction, home fabrication.

My concepts are:

house environmental building
home ecological construction
residence sustainable fabrication

Searching multidisciplinary resources

Be aware that you may need to add qualifying words to a central concept when using a multidisciplinary resource to avoid getting irrelevant results.

If you do retrieve such results when using architecture as a search term, add keywords which describe what you are looking for more clearly:

  • architectural design
  • "architectural history"
    Note: this is a phrase search using speech marks " "
  • architecture and "building construction"
    Note: this is using the Boolean operator and.

Two referencing styles commonly used in the School of Architecture and Planning are Chicago (notes and bibliography) and APA.



Referencing images

Please be aware of the copyright implications of using images from other sources such as websites, databases, books or journals in your work.

Student work made available on the internet, e.g., the digital version of a MArch-Prof thesis is considered to be published.

The following information should be included when citing an image:

  • The name of the creator of the image.
  • The title of the image.
  • The owner of the image, e.g., library, museum, estate, individual, photographer, publisher.
  • The material or medium of the image, e.g., digital, photograph, sketch.
  • The source of the image, e.g., website, database, book. If the source is a website or database, include the date you accessed it.

Devitt, Simon. The north-west façade of the first Merwood House in 2011. Photograph. In: Julia Gatley, Athfield Architects (Auckland, N.Z.: Auckland University Press, 2012), 22.


  • Referencing
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    Covers a range of styles used at the University of Auckland.

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