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Archives and manuscripts

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Cook Islands


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Solomon Islands


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Government documents

Official government documents include publications of the executive, legislative and judicial arms of government. Search the Catalogue for the name of the country, department or ministry as the author or subject.


A gazette is the official newspaper of a Government and reports a wide variety of detail about its day to day business including proclamations, Orders in Council, a summary of parliamentary proceedings, government notices, some official appointments, notices regarding public lands and, periodically, lists of members of some professional groups such as teachers and medical practitioners.

Statutes and regulations

  • PacLII
    Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute index and databases. Legislations, Statutes and Court cases and decisions are searchable by country and subject.

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National bibliographies

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    Pacific Regional Information System maintained by the South Pacific Secretariat, Noumea, New Caledonia provides country statistics from the Pacific Islands.


Yearbooks provide basic statistical data.


Use the Catalogue to search for statistics relating to the Pacific within the library collection.

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Organisations, conferences and proceedings


  • Referencing
    Access a range of tools and support material to assist your referencing work.


  • Quick©ite
    Use this interactive tool to view examples of references.
    Covers a range of styles used at the University of Auckland.

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