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View Me »18th Century Journals Supplementary

Rare journals printed between 1685-1835, illuminating all aspects of 18th century social, political and literary life.
Contains: E-Journals

View Me » Direct Connect19th Century UK Periodicals Supplementary

Periodicals published between 1800 and 1900 in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa.
Contains: E-Journals

View Me » Direct ConnectACLS Humanities E-Book Collection Supplementary

Scholarly books in the humanities and related social sciences.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectAHRR - Australian Historic Records Register Supplementary

A list of paper-based records held in private hands in Australia dating from settlement to 1988.

View Me » Direct ConnectAmerica: History and Life Key

US and Canadian history, culture, government, political science and current affairs from prehistory to the present.
Contains: Abstracts

View Me » Direct ConnectAmerican Film Scripts Online Supplementary

A collection of full-text searchable feature film scripts with detailed indexing on scenes, characters, and people.

View Me » Direct ConnectAmerican History in Video Supplementary

Films, videos, archival footage, newsreels, and documentaries covering events from the 1890s to the 1980s.
Contains: Video

View Me » Direct ConnectAmerican West Supplementary

Manuscripts, maps, ephemeral material and rare printed sources on the American West, from the 18th to early 20th century.
Contains: Archives and manuscripts Geospatial data Images

View Me » Direct ConnectAPA-FT (Australian Public Affairs Full Text) Supplementary

Australian social sciences and humanities journals.
Contains: Abstracts E-Journals

View Me » Direct ConnectArchives of Sexuality & Gender: LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940 Key

Material drawn from hundreds of institutions and organizations, including major international activist organizations and local student, political, religious and ethnic groups, with documents including news reports, legislation and court cases.
Contains: Archives and manuscripts E-Journals Newspapers

View Me » Direct ConnectArchives Unbound Supplementary

Historical documents on 19th and 20th century events and topics.
Contains: Archives and manuscripts

View Me » Direct ConnectArtstor Supplementary

Digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities and sciences, with contributions from museums, photographers, photo archives, and artists and artists' estates all over the world.
Contains: Images

View Me » Direct ConnectAtla Religion Database Supplementary

An index of journals and books relating to the Bible or Biblical studies, theology, church or religious history and world religions.

View Me » Direct ConnectAtoJsOnline Supplementary

The Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives (AJHR) 1858-1950.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectAuckland Index Supplementary

History, art, theatre, film and music references sourced from Auckland area regional newspapers and journal articles.
Contains: Abstracts Newspapers

View Me » Direct ConnectAustralia/New Zealand Reference Centre Supplementary

Academic journals, magazines, newspapers, newswires, reference books and company information from Australian, New Zealand and selected overseas magazines.
Contains: Abstracts E-Journals Images Newspapers

View Me » Direct ConnectAustralian Dictionary of Biography Supplementary

Scholarly biographies of persons who were significant in Australian history, or who represent the diverse nature of the Australian experience to 1990.
Contains: Biographies

View Me » Direct ConnectBibliographie de Civilisation Medievale Supplementary

Comprehensive current bibliography of monographs on the Middle Ages published worldwide.

View Me » Direct ConnectBibliography of Asian Studies Supplementary

References on all subjects (especially humanities and social sciences) pertaining to East, South-East and South Asia.

View Me » Direct ConnectBibliography of British and Irish History Supplementary

History of the British Isles, the Empire and Commonwealth.

View Me » Direct ConnectBibliotheca Teubneriana Latina Supplementary

Standard editions of classical Latin literature.

View Me » Direct ConnectBrepols Miscellanea Online Supplementary

Scholarly works on medieval studies.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectBrill E-Book Collections Key

Scholarly books in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law published by Brill and Martinus Nijhoff.
Contains: E-books