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View Me » Direct ConnectAntarctic Bibliography Supplementary

Covers biology, geology, medicine, meteorology, oceanography, atmospheric and terrestrial physics, expeditions, logistics, equipment and supplies, and tourism.

View Me » Direct Key

E-print archive for Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Nonlinear Sciences, Statistics, Quantitative Biology, and Quantitative Finance.
Contains: Archives and manuscripts E-Journals

View Me » Direct ConnectBibliography on Cold Regions Science and Technology Supplementary

Coverage of operations in a winter battlefield, impact of cold on facilities and activities, cold-related environmental problems, and the impact of human activity on cold environments.

View Me » Direct ConnectCompendex Supplementary

Indexes and abstracts the scientific and technological literature in all subject areas of engineering.
Contains: Abstracts E-books Patents

View Me » Direct ConnectCRCnetBASE Key

A collection of e-books.
Contains: E-books Handbooks

View Me » Direct ConnectDimensions Key

A bibliographic database and analytical tool with that brings together grants, publications, citations, alternative metrics, clinical trials, patents and policy documents.
Contains: Citation data

View Me » Direct ConnectEncyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences Key

Oceanography and hydrology, atmospheric dynamics, cloud physics, weather forecasting, atmospheric chemistry and global climate change.
Contains: Encyclopedias

View Me » Direct ConnectEncyclopedia of Climate and Weather Supplementary

Covers all areas of climatology and meteorology with a strong focus on global warming and associated topics.
Contains: Encyclopedias

View Me » Direct ConnectEncyclopedia of Mathematical Physics Supplementary

Signed, scholarly, articles; with many impressive contributors.
Contains: Encyclopedias

View Me » Direct ConnectEncyclopedia of Modern Optics Supplementary

Includes optics aspects of physics, engineering, information processing, imaging, lasers, materials, non-linear optics.
Contains: Encyclopedias

View Me » Direct ConnectEncyclopedia of Ocean Sciences (2nd ed.) Supplementary

Covers the physical, chemical and biological aspects of ocean science including oceanography, geology, geophysics, marine policy and environmental topics.
Contains: Encyclopedias

View Me » Direct ConnectGoogle Scholar Supplementary

Searches peer-reviewed journal articles, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports, with full text or access to content that the Library subscribes to.

View Me » Direct ConnectIEEE Xplore Key

Full text and bibliographic information on electrical engineering, electronics and computer science.
Contains: Abstracts Conference papers E-Journals Standards

View Me » Direct ConnectINSPEC Key

Indexes and abstracts published material on physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers and computing, manufacturing and mechanical engineering, and information technology.
Contains: Abstracts

View Me » Direct ConnectIOP Science Key

More than 60 journals and an e-book collection from the Institute of Physics (290 as of Sept 2018) ---
Contains: E-books E-Journals

View Me » Direct ConnectJSTOR Supplementary

Journals in most subjects, primarily archival coverage; JSTOR also contains selected e-books, including recently-published academic titles.
Contains: E-Journals

View Me » Direct ConnectNZ Science Supplementary

An index of New Zealand science provided by the Royal Society of New Zealand, and the Crown Research Institutes, formerly the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR).

View Me » Direct ConnectOSA Publishing Key

The largest collection of peer-reviewed journals and conference papers on optics and photonics.
Contains: Citation data E-Journals Images

View Me » Direct ConnectPHYSICSnetBASE Key

Astrophysics; Biophysics; Photonics; Geophysics; Condensed matter and materials science; atomic, applied, chemical, industrial, mathematical, medical, molecular, nonlinear, quantum or plasma physics.
Contains: E-books Handbooks

View Me » Direct ConnectReaxys Supplementary

Information for chemists and biochemists on compound structure, reactions, original journal articles, patents, and product availability.

View Me » Direct ConnectScienceDirect Key

Journals and e-books from Elsevier and affiliated publishers, mostly in the sciences.
Contains: E-books E-Journals Encyclopedias Handbooks Images

View Me » Direct ConnectSciFinder Key

Major collection of chemical substance and reaction information.
Contains: Abstracts Data Patents Standards

View Me » Direct ConnectScopus Key

The largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature; covers Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Social Sciences and some Arts.
Contains: Abstracts Citation data E-Journals

View Me » Direct ConnectSPIE Digital Library Key

Conference proceedings, journals, textbooks, field guides and reference works published by SPIE, the Society for Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers.
Contains: Citation data Conference papers E-books E-Journals Handbooks

View Me » Direct ConnectSpringerLink Key

Springer is the second largest publisher in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and also provides substantial Social Science and Business content.
Contains: E-books E-Journals Encyclopedias Handbooks Protocols