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Information on financial transactions; available only to University of Auckland postgraduate students and staff.

SDC Platinum is a collection of databases providing unique and authoritative information on financial transactions. The databases available to postgraduate students are:

- Global new issues
- Mergers and acquisitions


Time series vary from database to database and may go back to 1970. Current or recent data may be embargoed in some databases.


SDC is only available to University of Auckland postgraduate students and staff.

Postgraduate students and staff of the Business School can access SDC Platinum in Room 240A on Level 2 of the Sir Owen G. Glenn building. For more information and assistance please get in touch via Ask us.

Only two users can access SDC at the same time, so you may need to try again later if it is unavailable.


To create a report:

Standard report
Click on the boxes and ask for comprehensive or brief output (standard format produced.)
Can convert to Excel when saving.

Custom report
To conduct a custom report search in SDC Mergers & Acquisitions

1. Set parameters in the basic programme, e.g., countries, date frame, etc.
2. Click on Report in top toolbar, and select New Custom.
3. Pop up box appears and you can then click on all other measures you want (find a complete list in All items section)
4. When you have the data items you want, click OK.
5. Click OK again and Save box appears.
6. Save, giving it title etc in the pop up box.
7. Click OK.
8. The customized part of the search appears in the main search box.
9. Click Execute.
10. Save As.
11. When saving convert to Excel.
12. Can also save the search strategy Call the old search up next time you go to SDC. Call it up at top of the tool bar under Report- existing browse to the file.


SDC Platinum is related to 2 subjects. Explore these subjects to find other useful databases.


International companies, M&A, Mergers & Acquisitions, New Zealand companies