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International articles and monographs pertaining to public affairs and public policy; originally the Public Affairs Information Service. Includes journal articles, books, conference papers, statistical directories, research reports, government documents and web content.

Topics included are administration of justice; agriculture, forestry, fishing and agricultural policy; banking, public and private finance; business and service sector; culture and religion; environmental conditions and policy; education and education policy; energy resources and policy; environment and environmental policy; government; health conditions and policy; human rights; international relations; labor conditions and policy; law and ethics; manufacturing and heavy industry; media, telecommunications and information policy; military and defense policy; politics; population groups, population policy and demographics; science and technology policy; social conditions and policy; trade and trade policy; transportation and transportation policy.


PAIS International 1972-present. Updated quarterly.
PAIS Archive 1915-1976.


A ProQuest database.


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