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Company and industry information from leading business sources, tables with strategic data obtained from statistical annuals, trade associations, nonprofit research groups, government agencies, and investment research.

The RDS Business Suite combines three complementary business information databases from Gale Cengage - Business & Industry, Business & Management Practices, and TableBase.

Business & Management Practices
The content focuses on practical approaches to management processes and methods. It provides real-world know-how about business planning, decision making, how businesses adopt and implement new technologies and techniques, and plan for change or expansion.

Business & Industry
This is a broad-based business information database that focuses on facts, figures, events and market information about companies, industries, products and markets. It covers all industries and is international in scope.

TableBase is a database comprised of tabular information of a strategic nature. Many of the table records also have textual content which supports the data in the tables. The tables provide information such as: market share, market size, capacity, production, imports, exports, sales, product and brand rankings, forecasts, healthcare statistics and demographics.


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