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A data file for New Zealand house sales including elements for geographic location (excluding house number), sale date and price, capital and land value, building floor area, land area, building type.

Field definitions and examples


1990 to the present


The data for all years are in pipe delimited format. The data for 2010-2014 are also available as read-only CSV files.
For all files, save as an Excel file to manipulate data.

Access is restricted to members of the University of Auckland.

This data is owned by CoreLogic (previously Property IQ New Zealand) and may be used for research purposes only and to create additional statistics and calculations to be used as supporting evidence, and which may be published as part of such research. The data file itself may not be published, released, sold or traded, including releases to the media and/or for publication purposes. Temporary copies may be made for the purposes of research, but must be deleted after each and every research programme is completed. The data must not be used in any way that results in commercial or personal financial gain for any party.


The data for 2000-2009 was obtained through funding from the Royal Society of New Zealand (under Marsden Grant 16-UOA-239), the University of Auckland Business School Endowment Fund, and the Department of Economics.


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