Databases \ Migration to New Worlds Module II The Modern Era


Commencing with the activities of the New Zealand Company during the 1840s, this database presents thousands of unique original sources focusing on the growth of colonisation companies during the 19th century, the activities of American immigration and welfare societies, and the plight of refugees and displaced persons throughout the 20th century.

A wealth of primary documents from 15 archives and libraries from around the globe bring the later chapters of this migration story to life. Organisational papers from the America-Italy Society and Immigration and Refugee Services of America (Immigration History Research Center Archives), Immigrants' Protective League (University of Illinois at Chicago) and the Graham Taylor Papers (The Newberry Library) provide fascinating insights into the daily running of services for new immigrants.

Twentieth-century government correspondence and pamphlets encouraging Australian and Canadian immigration are well represented from Libraries and Archives Canada, National Archives of Australia and the University of Melbourne Archives. Oral histories from the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 and Immigration History Research Center Archives also provide key personal reflections on European and Asian migration experiences.