Databases \ DigiTool Collections


The University of Auckland Library hosts a number of digital collections using the DigiTool software.


Anthropology Photographic Archive
A selection of digitised images from the Department of Anthropology Photographic Archive at the University of Auckland. It contains over 5000 social anthropology and archaeology photographs from New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Western Samoa, Solomon Islands and Tokelau.
Archive of Māori and Pacific Sound
A collection of aural research relating to Melanesia and the Pacific.
Art History Image Database
Images used for teaching and learning in the Art History Department.
Cuthbert Collection (Fanning & Norfolk Island)
Photographs of the Fanning Island cable station, buildings and people, and Norfolk Island scenes.
History of the University of Auckland
Centennial histories of faculties and departments, and photographs of staff and buildings. Texts are in PDF.
Māori Feather and Fibre Taonga in Museums Collection
Detailed images of flax, kiekie and lacebark objects from museums in New Zealand and Britain, photographed by Maureen Lander. The focus is on details of their construction.
Oral Histories
Oral histories relating to the University of Auckland.
Public Lectures, Seminars and Interviews
Video and audio of public lectures, seminars and interviews from the University of Auckland. Primarily locally produced for public use but some content may be restricted to staff and students of the university as stipulated in the recording agreements.