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ArchSite incorporates GIS technology to manage and display New Zealand archaeological site information on maps. It contains descriptions and information about the location, type and condition of recorded archaeological sites. In addition, it will incorporate digital copies of the paper forms that were first used to record information about sites, from the inception of the Site Recording Scheme in the 1950s. These forms may include detailed descriptions and site plans recorded from visits to sites over the last 50 years. This supporting documentation is being progressively added to ArchSite, by region, over the next two years.

Full site reports are being added to this database. For print copies of these reports, please search the Catalogue and consult them in the Library's Special Collection.


The library has Edit User Access to the database.

Click the Connect button to get the username and password for logging in to the Archsite Map.


A User Guide (PDF) is available for download.


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