Databases \ New Zealand Fisheries Management Research Database


Primarily New Zealand material covering social, economic, environmental, recreational and customary rights information. The inclusion of relevant international sources enhances the depth of content in the resource to assist in promoting fisheries management and policy development.

Sources listed include a range of different formats such as websites, books, reports, working papers, theses, newspaper and journal articles.

NOTE: The database has been updated to 2013. From 2014 this database will be maintained by the Ministry for Primary Industries.


This database is freely available to the general public. You do not need to be a University of Auckland staff member or student in order to search the database.

Much of the content of the database is held in the public domain and is freely available through the Internet or held in national, public or university library collections in New Zealand. Where materials are in print only, or access is restricted in some way, this is noted on the record for the item.

To locate print or other items for personal use, members of the public should contact their own library for assistance.

Copyright restrictions apply.


Fisheries, Natural resources, New Zealand