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Materials properties databases for thermal, mechanical, electrical, physical, thermophysical and other properties of various materials, including aerospace alloys.

AHAD (Aerospace and High Performance Alloys Database) is a new product which merges the HPAD and ASMD into a powerful combined database with alloys of importance in all industries requiring high performance alloy data.


AHAD - Aerospace and High Performance Alloys Database ASMD + HPAD
A new database that is a combination of both the ASMD and the new database, the HPAD.

DTDH - Damage Tolerant Design Handbook PDF
A comprehensive compilation of fracture and crack growth data for high strength alloys.

MPMD - Microelectronics Packaging Materials Database
A database of microelectronics packaging materials including 880 materials, and more than 18,600 data curves of electrical, mechanical, thermal and other properties.

SAH - Structural Alloys Handbook PDF
The handbook includes representative, detailed characterization data for the more common metals and alloys important to construction, machine tool, heavy equipment, automotive, and general manufacturing industries. The SAH covers wrought steel, cast iron, wrought stainless steel, cast steel, wrought and cast aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, magnesium, and titanium.

TPMD - Thermophysical Properties of Matter Database
Thermophysical and thermoradiative properties of over 4,900 materials categorized into 85 material groups, 87 properties, and over 50,000 data curves.


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