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All Standards New Zealand and AS/SNZ standards.


Access is restricted to University of Auckland staff and students, and contractors officially affiliated with the University.

Terms of Use: Copyright belongs to Standards NZ. For full terms of use see: Standards NZ Terms of Use

Please note that although you may download a single copy of a Standards New Zealand document to your personal computer for research or study purposes, you are not permitted to save, sell, transfer, or copy this PDF file. Nor are you permitted to place the PDF file on a network of any sort.

You may print one copy only of each Standards New Zealand document - this copy is restricted to you.

It is prohibited to circulate Standards New Zealand documents by electronic means.

All downloaded Standards New Zealand documents must be deleted upon completion of your course of study, or when the University notifies you that the subscription has expired.

Building up an electronic or hardcopy reference collection is prohibited.

For teaching staff, please note, as above, students are permitted to print out a single copy of each Standards New Zealand document. However, you are not allowed to include Standards New Zealand documents in coursepacks.


On 1 June 2018 the University switched from the IHS platform to Standards NZ. We should have access to the same content as at IHS. If you experience any problems, please contact a librarian.


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