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Full-text grey literature, including conference papers, technical and government reports, newsletters, magazines and other non-peer-reviewed material.

Published by the American Psychological Association as a companion to APA PsycInfo. It focuses on the grey literature in psychology, behavioural science and health, that is material written for professionals, but disseminated outside of peer reviewed journals. Includes newsletter, magazine and newspaper articles, technical and research reports, conference presentations, policy statements, annual reports, government reports, consumer brochures. There is no overlap in coverage with PsycInfo. Unlike PsycInfo, it has a large full-text component, offering abstracts and citations plus full text for a major portion (over 70%) of the records.


5 years of retrospective coverage for magazines, newspapers, and newsletters. For some APA documents more than 5 years of retrospective coverage. Updated weekly.


We access it on the Ovid platform.


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