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An index of New Zealand science provided by the Royal Society of New Zealand, and the Crown Research Institutes, formerly the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). The index was previously known as 'SIRIS' and 'STIX'.

NZ Science is part of the New Zealand Index suite of databases, which also includes two New Zealand newspaper indexes, Newzindex and Newspaper Index.

NZ Science includes abstracts for all of the Royal Society of New Zealand journals up until 1998 and will soon include all current abstracts. It also indexes Crown Research Institute (CRI) publications, including internationally published articles and papers.

It also includes Conservation and Management of New Zealand's Indigenous Forests: a Selected Bibliography: 1848-1990 by Marleene Boyd. Searches can be restricted to just the Forest Bibliography.


NZ Science contains records of CRI scientists' publications, some as far back as 1848. The CRIs stopped updating the database in 1998 and resumed again in 2000. Abstracts for the Royal Society of New Zealand journals start from Vol 1 of each title.


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