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Over 10,000 scholarly, reference and professional books. Coverage is multi-disciplinary: business, management, education, history and literature, social science, engineering, and the medical and health sciences are well represented.

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Books may be read online. Some are also downloaded to e-book readers that support Adobe Digital Editions – this software is freely available from the Adobe site.

To download to a mobile device you must sign in to a personal EBSCOhost account. Use the Sign In tab on the toolbar; first-time users can set up using the Create a new Account link on that page. You can select a borrowing time up to 3 days in most cases.

Not all e-books are available for download. You can limit your search to downloadable ones by ticking the Download Available button in the Limit your results box.

If someone else has downloaded a book (for up to 3 days in most cases), it will be unavailable to anyone else for that whole time.


EBSCO Status for info on service disruptions

EBSCO eBook Collection was formerly known as NetLibrary.


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